Avoid This All Too Common Divorce Mistake

Avoid This All Too Common Divorce Mistake 1

Divorce affects every aspect of a person’s life—the things that we hold most dear to us:  family, financial security, and expectations and dreams about our future.  All that is tossed around and disassembled during divorce.  How do you stay on course when everything you know, depended on, relied on and loved, is in flux?   How … Read more

Is a “Private Divorce” Right for You?

two wedding rings resting on a certificate of divorce

As a divorce attorney who has litigated, settled, mediated and collaborated hundreds of divorces, I am very passionate about collaborative divorce (also known by me as private divorce).  Here’s why: I know it works My collaborative divorce clients have thanked me repeatedly for encouraging them to undertake a collaborative divorce.  Collaborative divorce won’t change the … Read more