Is A “Collaborative Divorce” Right for You?

two wedding rings resting on a certificate of divorce

As a divorce attorney who has litigated, settled, mediated, and facilitated hundreds of divorces, I am very passionate about collaborative divorce (also known by me as private divorce).  Here’s why: Collaborative divorce won’t change the fact that divorce is hard. During the collaborative divorce process, we don’t sit around a conference table, join hands, and magically … Read more

Top 10 Ways To Get Control Of Your Divorce

Top 10 Ways To Get Control Of Your Divorce 1

I live by the adage, control what you can and leave the rest. It’s taken me decades to get to this point and it was only after coming to the realization that I was wasting so much of my time and energy trying to change, reshape and coax things and people I actually had no … Read more