Your Situation is Unique – Divorce is Not “One Size Fits All”

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Each of us has different circumstances, relationships, concerns, priorities, hopes and dreams.  That is why I provide customized divorce options to meet my divorce and family law clients where they are.   

Here are some of the options: 

DIVORCE LITIGATION:  For more contentious divorce and other family law matters where you just cannot agree; one of the parties has violated court orders or agreements; or a prior court order or agreement needs to be modified. Family and divorce litigation requires the skill of an experienced litigator to navigate the law and strategically advocate on a client’s behalf.

COLLABORATIVE DIVORCE: Are privacy, cost, efficiency and preserving relationships for the benefit of your family apriority? Collaborative Divorce is becoming a popular and proven option for many. Instead of fighting it out in court before a judge who knows nothing about you and your family, Collaborative Divorce allows both parties to control the timing, expense, and outcome of their divorce or other family law matters in a private and confidential setting.     

DIVORCE MEDIATION: You and your soon to be ex (or already ex) are on the same footing with regard to information you each have, and you don’t want attorneys involved in your case. You need a neutral mediator (an impartial 3rd party) to help identify the issues that need to be addressed, and problem solve solutions to come up with an agreement. Your mediation can be customized by bringing in experts on an as needed basis including accountants, real estate professionals, investment advisors, and mental health and parenting experts to help assist you in making educated, well-informed decisions.

CUSTOMIZED SERVICES AND CONSULTING: With years of knowledge and perspective to address a wide variety of issues related to divorce and family law, as an out-of-the-box problem solver who thinks creatively and strategically, I work with my clients to come up with customized, practical, and workable solutions. These specialized services are ideal for those who are on the fence about getting a divorce and need pre-divorce information or planning; those in the midst of divorce who need a new perspective and second opinion; and those who are post-divorce and need advice going forward.

Together, we will devise the “just-right-for-you” plan.  the plan that is just right for you.To learn more about collaborative divorce and other divorce options, please contact me through my website  or call my office at 561-910-1870.

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